Return of the Triad Return of the Triad

Return of the Triad

Return of the Triad is a standalone mod/total conversion for zdoom, based upon Rise of the Triad.


Return of the Triad was created as a homage to the original game, the main reason I created it was because of rott's limited maps (45 degree walls and such), and wanted to create some new maps for it.

It took 6 years on and off to make, I started in 2004 with 5hfifty and we quickly made progress. It slumped for a few years, but with more and more features being available for zdoom, I decided to make it a full on conversion as close to the original in terms of gameplay elemets.


  • All the original weapons from ROTT!!
  • All the enemies from ROTT
  • ludicrous Gibs! (flying eyes!)
  • Dog Mode / Gode Mode / Mecury Mode
  • Gas rooms
  • Traps from the original rott
  • Moving walls incl. pushwalls
  • Trampolines
  • Multiplayer / Co-op compatible (will not work on Skulltag – Sorry!)

There are a few things different to original ROTT for either zdoom's sake or gameplay; one example is:
The Dark staff fires quickly in multiplayer because it was borderline impossible to hit someone with it.
Another is that we don't have horizontal moving (train) GADS, due to zdoom limitations.


There are 2 episodes:

Episode 1: The Hidden Outpost

2 levels, this was originally a demo for the TC; You start in the hidden outpost, and find a robot production facility...

Episode 2: Return of the Triad

7 levels, After fiding the location of the Triad's new base in New Zealand, you make your way through a fortress, into a misty temple in the mountains, then into another triad stronghold, into a citadel, then face the monks in 'the rectory', descend into the triad catacombs, and finally face the triad's latest dealings in black magic.


Version 1.6

Version 1.6 - alt download link @ moddb

Requires Zdoom or GZdoom, you can download builds from here.

Extract the Version 1.6 zip and zdoom into a new folder and click RottTC.exe.

Works as a stand-alone game. No need for a doom IWAD.



Make Your Own Maps

Cick here for the editing guide.


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